Import & Export

Import & Export

Sport Nutrition

We are one of the leading trading companies in the growth market of nutritional supplements. With us you get over 5,000 articles in the fields of nutrition and equipment for bodybuilding, fitness and competitive sports. We are dealing only with high-quality products that are produced in Germany or in the US.

As a wholesaler, we work exclusively for business customers.

Car & Truck Parts

Distribution of original new parts coming from end of life, stocklots, overstock and stock liquidation of well-known car manufacturers, their suppliers and further known partners of the market.
Acquisition of a wide range of articles as complete package.
Sale of the goods to major customers in the independent market outside Europe.

Computer Parts

With unchecked returns MAIN TRADE serves the national as well as the foreign (export) market via wholesale and foreign trade (B2B). The resellers primarily operate in retail business fields (stationary and e-commerce) and serve the end customer directly. In doing so, we pay particular attention to distribution restrictions and select suitable dealers and countries accordingly.

Kitchen & Home Appliances

So, let’s imagine for a minute that a small retailer or a small factory need to get some production materials or an actual finished product. Main Trade is your right adress for your soloution.

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